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Top Tips for Gardeners

My first attempt at gardening was a long time coming. I spent spring after spring desiring to plant a garden, but felt too overwhelmed by it all to actually jump in. My first attempt at growing vegetables was simple; in fact, I felt pretty proud that the vegetables even sprouted up :) Now, as I continue … [Continue Reading...]


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Homemade Hot Sauce

My college roommate had a major love for hot sauce. I have never seen anyone use a single condiment on everything from eggs to casseroles to even … [Read More...]

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30 Workouts for Traveling

My sister-in-law is my hero and prime example when it comes to consistent exercise. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds a way to fit in some sort of exercise or movement during the day. Even while traveling, … [Continue Reading...]


25 Pre-Workout Snacks for Energy

We've discussed the optimal post-workout foods for recovery after an intense calorie-burning workout or a hill sprint workout, but what should you eat beforehand? Most of us need a great boost of energy before … [Continue Reading...]

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Is Sourdough Bread Healthy?

One of the biggest changes for our family during our transition to real food was limiting our number of sandwiches. Sandwiches were very convenient for our lunches and my husband was not the biggest fan of parting … [Read More...]


Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

When we look at common diseases like heart disease, HBP, IBD, and thyroid disease, we see that many of them are eased by gut healing diets. This is because most disease begins in the gut and causes inflammation. A … [Read More...]

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Natural Baby Toys for the First Year

When I was expecting my first baby, I was so focused on inhaling books and resources on natural childbirth and packing our natural birth hospital bag that I nearly forgot to get ready for life once the baby arrived. … [Read More...]


Natural Tips for Healing from C-Section

As the elective c-section rate rises, there is a movement, especially in natural living circles, to refuse common birth interventions like c-sections and opt for a natural birth. However, there are moments, mostly … [Read More...]

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