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Doula Interview Questions

If you are hoping for a natural birth, hiring a midwife and finding a trusted doula are great ways to ensure that your birth is what you're hoping for inasmuch as possible. This post is full of helpful, insightful, and relevant doula interview questions to choose someone who is right for you! "Just like … [Continue Reading...]


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Bring Back the Bees

Perhaps one of the most disturbing statistics in the food world today is the fast decline of the bee population. Bees are responsible for the … [Read More...]

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The At Home Interval Workout

With our busy lifestyles and raising children at home, our schedules and budgets don't allow us to spend hours upon hours at an expensive gym to maintain our exercise needs. It's just the reality of this season of … [Continue Reading...]

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Top 10 Fibrous Foods

While we certainly see the value in various supplements like , we know that we cannot out-supplement a poor diet and that, ideally, we will get most of our vitamins and minerals from the f "Boosting your intake … [Read More...]


Is Soy Bad For You?

In recent years, soy has been championed as a healthy alternative to dairy products like milk. Most people aren't aware, however, that soy has been in many of our food products for a much longer time. In fact, it's … [Read More...]

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5 Benefits of Delayed Cord Clamping

Among the many decisions expectant parents aiming for a gentle and natural childbirth make like choosing a midwife, packing a natural labor bag, and which birth interventions to refuse is the decision about cutting … [Read More...]

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