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7 Tips for Helping Kids Sleep When It’s Hot

When the weather warms up, the kids (and parents) get excited, right? It means being able to play outside for long stretches, gathering the kids on the block for a pick up baseball game, and hopefully, a huge decline in the need for the bored jar ;) Summer can also provide some stumbling blocks when it comes … [Continue Reading...]


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DIY Natural Sunscreen

While our family loves the chilly¬†winter season, with it's warm cups of coffee with peppermint creamer in a cozy mug, holiday treats, and snow … [Read More...]

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30 Workouts for Traveling

My sister-in-law is my hero and prime example when it comes to consistent exercise. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds a way to fit in some sort of exercise or movement during the day. Even while traveling, … [Continue Reading...]


25 Pre-Workout Snacks for Energy

We've discussed the optimal post-workout foods for recovery after an intense calorie-burning workout or a hill sprint workout, but what should you eat beforehand? Most of us need a great boost of energy before … [Continue Reading...]

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5 Foods to Avoid if You Have Anxiety

Many mental and emotional difficulties can be bettered (if not totally cured) by lifestyle changes, coping techniques, and proper nutrition. Often times, our poor food choices dig us into a deeper ditch mentally and … [Read More...]


Health Benefits of Walnuts

Nuts are a big hit in our house. My husband can shovel them by the handful for a quick afternoon snack before an intense workout, and I love incorporating them into different kinds of recipes like fruit and nut … [Read More...]

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How to Eat Healthy on a Family Vacation

Our family loves to travel. We enjoy traveling exotic places on our own for various work trips, but our very favorite trips are the vacations we take together. We so our best to stick to our normal health routine … [Read More...]

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